Why Social Activities For The Elderly Are Important

According to Age UK, researchers have warned about the risk of losing thinking skills as we get older. Researchers also show that the key to maintaining thinking skills is participating in social activities for the elderly to keep close relationships with family and friends. Even though there has not been an official explanation of how much brain function can be affected by social engagements, evidence has proved the positive impact of social connection on thinking skills.

One of the other reasons why social activities for the elderly are necessary is to reduce loneliness. Loneliness is alarmingly popular among seniors, especially for those who live alone. Being socially active can help the lonely elderly recover from the mental and physical damages caused by solitude.

Physically demanding activities will need more consideration; however, nothing stops older adults from having fun while being socially active with other peers. Local activities are a great choice if they don’t want to travel far.

Local Social Activities For The Elderly To Attend In West London

Visiting Local Markets

If you want a nice walk and browse the fresh food and support the local farmers, as well as small businesses, why not come to the local markets where almost everyone knows each other?

Here are some of the recommended outdoor markets in West London:

Ealing Farmers’ Market (Every Saturday)

Twickenham Farmers’ Market (Every Saturday)

Wimbledon Farmers’ Market (Every Saturday)

High Street Kensington Farmers’ Market (Every Sunday)

Acton Market (Every week from Wednesday to Friday)

Chiswick Flower Market (Every first Sunday of the month)

Kew Village Market (Every first Sunday of the month)

Book Club

It might be difficult for older people to read when their eyesights are not as good as before, but don’t let that stop you from following along with adventures, romantic stories, or pursuing knowledge. If you love to join a group of other seniors listening to books and stories, join the PageTurner book reading section in Whitton Library, Castelnau Library, and even online every week.

Castelnau Library: Tuesday 10.45- 11.45 am

Whitton Library: Wednesday 2- 3 pm

Zoom (Online): Thursday 2- 3 pm

Art and Crafting

It is never too late to get into art and crafting. NHS also acknowledges art as an official treatment for mental health in older adults.

Drawing will be easier if you are surrounded by other art lovers. Join the OddFellows watercolour beginner class every Thursday to enjoy the artistic moments with your future friends.

Weekly Watercolour Art Class (Beginner & Experienced)

Time: Every Thursday at 11:30 am

Location: Oddfellows Lodge, 186 Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 7DJ

There is no cost to join the class. You can either bring your own art tools or just show up and will be guided through every step by a teacher and other artistic fellows. Tea and coffee will be provided. It is a perfect social activity for the elderly.

Online Meetup

A traditional face-to-face meeting is not the only option for the elderly to be socialized. If you cannot be physically present, the online meeting will break down the distance boundary. You can find several online events from informal conversations and sharings to exchanging with doctors and experts.

The Oddfellows holds helpful online events for everyone to join and bond almost every week. Find the event that triggers your interest here.

Other Social Activities For The Elderly

There would be even more paid and free social activities for the elderly to consider around Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham. Please visit Age UK Ealing and Age UK Hammersmith and Fulham for details. They provide sporty activities like yoga, dancing sessions, game events and learning classes about languages or computers.

Visiting Angels West London Provides More Than Just Senior Home Care Services

Visiting Angels West London can provide you with both comforts and professional care services right at home to ensure that you are always relaxed and taken care of. We encourage the elderly to live as independently as possible to truly enjoy their life. Our angels will sparkle your life with love and joy, and encourage you to maintain a physically and socially active lifestyle.

If you are looking for a good friend who is capable of taking care of you physically and supporting you emotionally, call us now: 0203 143 8878; or send us an Email: westlondon@visiting-angels.co.uk

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