Hospital Discharge Support Service

Why After-Hospital Care Is Important

Undergoing surgery or being hospitalised can be a very stressful and scary experience and most people want to return to their home as soon as possible. Post-operative, hospital discharge care or after-hospital care is often needed once you return home from the hospital but lack the support you need to stay independent.

How We Can Help With After-Hospital Care

Flexible Care Hours

Visiting Angles West London can provide daily visits, anything from 1hr to 24hrs, or support you by arranging a live-in carer that will remain in your house for the duration of your recovery.

Tailor-made After-Hospital Care Plan

We and the team of professionals involved in your care will work closely to ensure your post-operative/after-hospital care meets all of your needs and demands. Our caregiver can support you in the first few weeks after surgery, but the length of care can be increased or decreased according to your recovery and needs.

Choose your own carer

We make great efforts to pair our clients with their carers. Continuity and consistency are crucial for taking care of post-hospital clients at home, which is why we focus on building companionship between caregiver and client. Our people-centred service will ensure that clients’ health and well-being are supported by a companion who suits their personality, culture, religious beliefs, or hobbies. Visiting Angels is the first home care company in the UK to let our clients choose their own caregivers.

Your Home, Your Care, Your Choice

Our carers work under your direction and as such you are at the centre of decision-making. Our angel care gives can assist with domestic tasks such as shopping, meal planning, preparation, cleaning or running errands such as picking up a prescription and can also assist you with maintaining the occupational or physiotherapy program.

Our angel caregivers are fully trained to provide the support with:

  • Assistance with your medication whether by gentle prompting to take the medication or being in full charge of its management or administration 
  • Liaising with healthcare professionals to ensure you keep up with your rehabilitation program and/ or have the right aids as well as equipment at your disposal
  • Assistance with personal care whilst maintaining your independence- washing the body parts that are hard to reach for you. 
  • Assistance with getting dressed/ undressed and grooming 
  • Meal planning and preparation, shopping or running errands
  • Accompaning you to doctor/ therapy appointments


“My carers should wear wings. They really are angels. They give me security, particularly in view of my age. I am extremely lucky.” – A.B –

“I really like how the care team and their manager work in partnership with us as a family, listening to our views while also giving freely their experience. Rather than feeling like a name on a database the care team know us really well, and give a care solution that is tailored to our needs and is flexible. Always on time, never rushed, gentle, kind, diplomatic and professional. It’s a team thing and this team really works well.” – I.J –