Keeping seniors joyful and connected during Christmas


What are your 2020 highlights? Christmas in 2020 The government has announced the new tier three system that came into effect when the second national lockdown in the UK ended on the 2nd December. Non-essential shops are back as normal such as shopping centres, restaurants, hairdressers and other non-essential personal shops. It has also [...]

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Top 7 Tips To Help Your Elderly Relative Fight Loneliness


Have you noticed that your elderly relative feels lonely? The elderly are extremely vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation and these can have a serious impact on their health. According to the research conducted by Age UK, there are 1.4 million lonely elderly individuals in the UK and in a pandemic such as Covid-19, loneliness [...]

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How to choose the perfect care for your loved one


As our parents and relatives get older, their needs change and the idea of living independently becomes more difficult. As a child of an ageing parent, you would want to provide them with the support that they need. An important decision to make when considering elderly care is to decide whether your loved one is [...]

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World Alzheimer’s Month – An Informational Guide on Dementia


Alzheimer's Awareness Month It's World Alzheimer's Awareness Month and it is so beneficial to have an informative blog post about the elderly living with Dementia. Many of us do not know what Dementia is and that Alzheimer's Disease is one of many types of Dementia. If you have an elderly loved one recently being diagnosed with [...]

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Corona Virus – Covid 19


We want to ensure that we are communicating the most relevant and up-to-date information to both our clients’ and to our staff. Prior to receiving the official guidance from government and public health England we had already taken several steps. We have been in regular contact with our caregivers providing updates on the virus We [...]

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Medication errors cause problems for thousands.


Research conducted by the universities of York, Sheffield and Manchester has highlighted that a mistake is made 237million times a year in the administration or prescription of medication. The mistakes made in both the health and social care sector for the most part didn’t cause harm but in 28% of the mistakes moderate or severe [...]

Medication errors cause problems for thousands.2019-06-17T13:51:37+01:00

Beware the shadow you cast.


For many years I have thought about the impact that our interactions with each other have, even during the time when we are apart. For much of my professional career I have said “beware the shadow you cast” meaning that the way you treat someone when you are with them can have a positive or [...]

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Trouble Sleeping?


Councillors and care providers have added their voices to the concerns of others in social care over back pay for carers for “sleep in shifts”. In a letter to the Observer last week Bridget Warr of the UKHCA and leading politicians from local authorities urged ministers to provide assistance to fill what could be a [...]

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Tell me about your hobbies?


Over the past month we have been recruiting lots of lovely caregivers to support the clients needing home care in South Yorkshire. Whenever we are recruiting we are fortunate to get lots of interest. We invariably spend more time ensuring we take the right caregivers than we do with anything else. It is important to [...]

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Flu strikes in January


Public Health England has reported “high but not unprecedented levels” of flu being seen in the first week of January. The figures for hospital admissions during the first two weeks in December 2017 were in line with those seen in 2016 at between 1-2 per 100,000 people. In the first week of January that figure [...]

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