Nurturing Relationships!


How to Care for Someone Diagnosed with Dementia! Caring for a loved one diagnosed with dementia can be both challenging and emotionally taxing. Dementia is a progressive condition that affects memory, cognitive function, and daily life, making it crucial to provide compassionate and patient care. In this blog, we'll discuss practical and empathetic ways [...]

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Brain Tumour Awareness Week


Shining a Light on Hope: International Brain Tumour Awareness Week 28th October - 4th November Every year, communities around the world come together to recognize International Brain Tumour Awareness Week. This significant event, typically held in the last week of October, serves as a powerful platform to raise awareness about brain tumours and the [...]

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Meal Preparation For The Elderly


Ageing can come with several health problems that prevent the elderly from cooking and preparing food for themselves. From mobility limits to memory loss (dementia), a senior might need help from family members or carers to help them with meal preparation. Meal prep is more complicated than simply placing food into a container and [...]

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How To Keep Dementia Patients Hydrated


Why it is important to keep dementia patients hydrated Most people diagnosed with dementia are 65 years or older and are vulnerable to other health-related problems. Dehydration can cause serious damage to dementia patients’ health as it can lead to disorientation, impaired mobility, a higher risk of falling, and declining overall health. Read about [...]

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Dementia Cafés in West London


The purposes of Dementia Cafés in West London The initial idea of starting the Dementia Cafés project is to support anyone affected by Dementia, no matter if it's directly or indirectly. We start our first ever Memory Café in Hammersmith & Fulham in April 2023 and found the potential of helping other Dementia communities [...]

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Summer Activities For The Elderly


Summer is one of the seasons in London with lots of sunshine and blooming flowers. However, heat and dehydration can be a potential threat to the elderly’s health. With precaution, we can choose suitable and safe summer activities for the elderly. How to help the elderly enjoy the summer Stay hydrated: Remind seniors [...]

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Stay Independent: Ditch “Care Homes Near Me” for In-Home Care


Are you or a loved one in need of care but feeling hesitant to look for "care homes near me"? You're not alone. Many people feel uncomfortable with the idea of leaving their homes and moving into a care facility. But what if we told you that you don't have to? In-home care is [...]

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Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Home Care Provider for Your Loved One – Visiting Angels UK


Choosing a home care provider for your loved one can be a challenging decision. You want to ensure that your family member receives the best possible care in the comfort of their own home. With so many options available, it's important to be informed and make the right choice. In this blog post, we will [...]

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Choosing Pet For The Elderly


Choosing Pet For The Elderly   Although it is common for seniors to feel lonely, it is possible to cheer them up with a pet companion. While human connection is important, having pets as friends and companions can bring great comfort to the aged. Learn more about how to help the elderly feel less [...]

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A List of Recommended Apps for Seniors: Boost Your Health and Wellness


It's critical to keep active, involved, and entertained as we get older. Fortunately, there are numerous apps available to assist elders in achieving these objectives. These apps for seniors  can help keep healthy, well, and engaged in areas ranging from fitness and nutrition to mental health and entertainment. Here are some of our top suggestions.: [...]

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