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Christmas in 2020

The government has announced the new tier three system that came into effect when the second national lockdown in the UK ended on the 2nd December. Non-essential shops are back as normal such as shopping centres, restaurants, hairdressers and other non-essential personal shops. It has also been announced that London will go into tier 2 and the “rule of six” will be applied for outdoor gathering in all areas.

What are the rules for tier 2 and how can these be applied to seniors?

In tier 2, households apart from support bubbles will still not be allowed to mix indoors. It would be beneficial to identify if you can be classified as a support bubble for your senior loved one. Only people of the same households will be able to visit each other, use this opportunity to visit your elderly relative and spend some time with them. Restaurants and hairdressers will be opening again, take your grandparents or senior mum and dad for a wonderful meal, they will surely enjoy it.

View the rest of the tier 2 restrictions and how it can be applied to when visiting seniors here.

Use the postcode tool here to find out which tier you are in.

Following the recent government guidelines, we hope many of you will be visiting loved ones. For some of you, it might even be the first time since the first national UK lockdown. However, we do recognise that some seniors may have to spend Christmas alone or without any family, it would be viable to note down ways on how to stay connected and how to keep your senior relative entertained and safe this holiday season.

5 ways to keep your seniors joyful, entertained and safe during Christmas:

  1. Assist the seniors with Christmas shopping: Christmas food or gift shopping can be difficult for seniors who have less mobility. Showing your older loved one how to use the internet or assisting them with online shopping is a great way to initiate a new learning experience as well as keeping them entertained at home.
  2. Essential shopping: offer to do essential shopping for seniors before the festivity begins. Seniors might need assistance with medications or running errands.
  3. Personalised gifts: make your own Christmas cards or go that extra mile to provide a personal touch when buying gifts for seniors this Christmas. Photographs or hand made gifts from grandchildren will definitely bring a smile.
  4. Door step visit: For other senior relatives or members of the community who are outside of your support bubble, you may still be able to visit, you can drop by for a chat at their door step, being socially distanced and wearing a face mask of course. Sometimes human contact and a lovely chat from your loved one can be enough to bring joyful cheer.
  5. Virtual & online games night: Our last blog had ideas on how to help your elderly relative fight loneliness, you can read our blog hereyou should consider teaching seniors how to use technology so that they will be able to join in family game night, online of course. Online games such as Connect 4 or Online scrabble – most seniors have access to a tablet or a smart phone. How about an online word game to get started with on this site?

Do you think your senior parent may need extra assistance or help?

When visiting senior relatives, you may notice that they may need extra assistance or would simply like someone to talk to on a regular basis.

To understand how mobile your senior relative is or whether they may need extra help at home, you might be able to get extra assistance for them from a few hours a day. However, it can be difficult and stressful to have that conversation about care. Our recent blog on how to choose the perfect care for your loved one (outbound link to blog) will help you decide on the kind of assistance your senior relative might need.

Visiting Angels wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season, if you need extra help at home for your senior relative, please contact us today.