Are you worried about your elderly neighbour? Does he/she suffer from a physical condition and may need assistance at home?

Aging is a natural process of life, but some people struggle when getting older. Your elderly neighbour might be one of them.  If you notice that your neighbour is struggling, asking if they need help at home is the first step forward. We live in a community and it would be nice to show your neighbours that you care, and you are available to help.

Did you know: according to research conducted by Age UK, there are more than 3.4 million over-65’s that rely on chats with their neighbours to brighten their day.

How to talk to the elderly neighbour you are worried about?

Some people might be shy to ask for help. They might find it hard and uncomfortable sharing their condition and needs with you.

You would want to take a delicate approach. “Do you need anything from the shop? How may I help you?”. These are simple questions that might help your elderly neighbour share their feelings and ask for help. Approaching them first could be a good step towards building the trust between you and them.

Do you think your neighbour may need help with:

  • Basic Home tasks such cleaning and ironing?
  • Assistance with having a bath, a shower, going to the bathroom and continence support?
  • Assistance with grocery shopping?
  • Someone to talk to on a daily basis?

Did you know: you can help your neighbours in many different ways?

  • Communication: Keep in touch with your elderly neighbour through a mobile phone. Have a friendly chat with them. It is always nice to talk to your elderly relative as you might discover or learn new things about them that you didn’t know before. Make it a regular commitment, schedule in your diary to call your elderly relative more often.
  • Basic IT skills: Consider teaching your elderly neighbours to use technology so that they can continue to maintain connections and actively be a part of the community. A device (such as a mobile phone, computer, or iPad) with many video calling apps such as WhatsApp, Skype or Facetime is a tool for them to stay connected with you and your family.
  • Shopping: Your elderly neighbour may need help getting their groceries. By doing their grocery shopping for them, you would be doing them a huge favour.
  • Stay connected with the community: Your elderly neighbour may feel lonely and disconnected from the outside word, especially during this pandemic. It is always good to check on them and let them feel the human connection. Other than that, you can help them connect with their friends and family on social media platforms. We also offer free IT training for people age over the age of 70. We try to keep people connected regardless of their age or the IT skills obstacle.
  • Offer to walk their dog, deliver food, or water their outdoor plants: They might feel shy to ask you, that is why you should approach them. They might not have the physical capability to do the daily tasks cited above. You might not know what they need or want.
  • Help them to get help if they need further support: We have so many people reach out for information for their neighbours.

Choosing the right company and the right services is never easy. Every person has a different need and condition; therefore he/she might need a different type of service.

At Visiting Angels, we take care of every single detail in their lives. From shopping to emotional support, our angels always make sure that the senior person feels comfortable and happy?

The way a daughter cares for her mum or a wife cares for her husband, with love, is a special thing. Whilst we can never replace a family bond, we do ensure that our carers approach care as if it is personal.

If needing care and support does become a topic of the conversation and if you are unsure of the kind of care you or your next of kin need, here are a few ways we can support you at home:

  • Companionship Care
  • Personal Care
  • Home Help Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Live in Care/24 Hour Care
  • Hospital Discharge Care

Want to talk about care?

We know talking about care is not at easy conversation to have, especially for families. Our compassionate and caring team are there to make this conversation easier for you.

Get in touch to talk through your needs and arrange a free home care visit: