Are you or a loved one in need of care but feeling hesitant to look for “care homes near me”? You’re not alone. Many people feel uncomfortable with the idea of leaving their homes and moving into a care facility. But what if we told you that you don’t have to?

In-home care is a great alternative to care homes, and it allows you to receive care in the comfort of your own house. You don’t have to give up your independence, your daily routine, or your beloved pets. In this blog, we’ll explore why you should consider in-home care over a care home or assisted living facility.

Comfort and familiarity

Since many people feel most at ease at home, it is truly where the heart is. When you choose in-home care, you get to stay in the location where you feel the most at comfortable. Seniors, who could have a hard time adjusting to unfamiliar situations, may find this to be of particular importance. Seniors can age in place, surrounded by their usual sights, sounds, and smells, with the help of in-home care.

Flexibility and Maintaining Independence

One of the most significant disadvantages of nursing homes and care homes is the lack of independence and flexibility. Residents in many care homes are required to keep a strict schedule, eat at specific times, and may not have the same independence as they would in their own homes. With in-home care, you may choose your own schedule and choose the activities you wish to participate in. This might be especially advantageous for the elderly who wish to keep their freedom and live life on their own terms.

Personalized Care

In-home care offers individualised care that is catered to your unique needs. Clients receive the care and attention they require through one-on-one interactions with carers. This can involve social and emotional support as well as help with basic daily tasks like bathing, clothing, and medication administration.

Peace of Mind

Both clients and their families can benefit from in-home care. The stress and worry that frequently accompany making the decision to move into a care facility can be reduced by knowing that your loved one is receiving individualised care while enjoying their own home. The safety and well-being of their loved one can provide family members peace of mind.


In-home care can be a cost-effective alternative to care homes. The average weekly cost of living in a residential care home is £760, while the average nursing home cost is £960 per week across the UK. The monthly average cost of residential care is £3290 and receiving nursing care in a care home costs on average £4160. In home care can be cheaper as you can select the packages on hourly basis as well, to suit your budget!

Female carer smiling at an elderly woman

In addition to the benefits of in-home care, there are also advantages to choosing Visiting Angels Home Care as your provider.

Personalised care is important to us at Visiting Angels. We match each client with a carer who is a good fit for their specific requirements and personality. Our carers are skilled, experienced, and caring, and they provide high-quality care that you can rely on. We also provide flexible scheduling, with care available on a part-time or full-time basis, as well as respite care for family carers who need a break. Our services are adaptable to your changing demands.

We value communication and transparency at Visiting Angels. We provide regular updates to families and collaborate closely with healthcare providers to ensure that our customers receive the best possible treatment. Choosing Visiting Angels Home Care means choosing peace of mind for yourself and your family.

So why search for “care homes near me” when you can get personalized care in the comfort of your own home with Visiting Angels home care ? Find your nearest Visiting Angels Office and invite an Angel into your home today!