Visiting Angels South Yorkshire have been providing home care to a lovely elderly couple- Roy and Hazel for a few months.

The couple, who are in their 80s, have spent their entire married life living in their family home, which is a place where they feel safe and comfortable. However, when Roy was hospitalized last year, it became clear that Hazel was unable to cope on her own, and the family would need to find assistance to help care for them. Their son reached out to Visiting Angels in October last year, as he was living four hours away from them, and without any close relatives or friends to help, he found it challenging to provide the care that the parents needed.

Trying to look after my parents is a real challenge, and I thought we might have to find a suitable Care Home, which would have mean moving and losing independence. I was lucky enough to find Visiting Angels back in October, who for the past 5 months have supported my parents- initially with taking their medications at the correct times each day and sourcing the tablets from the pharmacy. They help with my parents with shopping lists, cleaning, personal care, hospital appointments and companionship – as well as help them with meal preparation, maintaining their independence.

– Paul, Son of Roy & Hazel

Living far away from his parents, Paul is still able to keep track of his parents’ care through daily notes from the Visiting Angels care team on his phone. This way, he stays informed and involved in the parents’ care without having to constantly call and check up on them.

When Roy was hospitalized again two weeks ago, Paul was once again faced with a difficult situation of how to care for his mother while also being with his father in the hospital. However, the Visiting Angels team quickly came to the rescue and provided extra support for Hazel, including having someone stay overnight with her in case she needed help.

Visiting Angels’ care team also kept Paul informed of his father’s condition and provided additional support to help care for Hazel. When Roy was eventually discharged from the hospital, the Angels even arranged to Pick him up and bring him back home so that Paul could continue to care for his mother.

We have a fantastic Care Manager, a core team of angels and full support 24/7. The organization that has been ongoing of a high standard became even more outstanding in my second moment of need in the past 6 months. The care team have battled every possible obstacle to keep my parents together at home, safe and supported and maintain their independence for as long as possible, with such treasured memories, I am very grateful to have found them, and for the support my family have received. Visiting Angels are part of our family, it’s just not a job to them. I cannot recommend their support highly enough.

– Paul, Son of Roy & Hazel

We thank Paul for the kind words. It means a lot to us to know that we’ve been able to provide a great experience.

If you are in a similar situation as Paul and would like to invite an Angel into your life- Reach out to Visiting Angels to book a Free Care Assessment at home, for your loved ones.