Q1: Why work in the care sector:

Working in the care sector is a highly rewarding career. You will be interacting with a range of interesting people, supporting them to remain independent in their family homes. Everyday you will be making a difference to someone’s quality of life, supporting them to remain living in their own home, independently. Being a carer can be challenging for a number of reasons, but when the person you are caring for smiles at you as you walk through the door, or begins to open up to you over a morning cup of tea, you will know you are making someone feel truly valued.

Q2: Do I need any experience:

No experience is necessary but if you have some all the better. You may have cared for a child or a grandparent or a friend. All of this will prepare you for a career as a caregiver. We will make sure you are fully trained ; the first 4 days is all training and afterwards we will constantly upskill you so you are prepared for the future. All we ask is that you can drive and have daily access to a car. This is necessary because you will need to be able to get from one client and the next.

Q3: What training do I get:

The first 4 days is referred to as mandatory training and its given by our team, in a classroom, practical experiences. This training covers Safeguarding, Moving & Handling, Infection Control, Health & Safety and Medication control and management. Once this is complete you will carry out  a number of “shadowing” visiting, whereby you are observing how our other professionals carrying out their valued role. Once you and your supervisor are confident you are happy to proceed, you will then begin to support people on your own or in a team.

Q4: What makes a great Angel at Visiting Angels:

All of our Angels are fantastic. What makes them fantastic….. they are caring compassionate, loving, kind, considerate people. They focus on the wellbeing of their client and will go the extra mile because it’s the right thing to do.

Q5: Why should I choose Visiting Angels Burton & Derby:

We are a truly carer centric business. This means we focus on your well-being in the widest sense. We make sure you are paid the best in the area, provide other tangible benefits e.g. car MoT, travel time between clients, mileage etc but we also value you as a person and skilled professional. We believe the caregiver is the most important person in the business and everyone else supports the caregiver so they can deliver the best care possible

Q6: What is involved in the job:

A caregiver can have a wide range of clients in a typical day. One client may have dementia and require companionship. This will require sensitive and empathetic communication skills. The next client may need personal car support, so maybe helping them have a shower, get dressed and maybe prepare a meal. Another client may be bedbound so working with another Angel , make this person clean and comfortable before departing home for the day. All in all everyday is different.