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Welcome to Visiting Angels Central Lancashire! Here at our Chorley office, we offer quality support from companionship to complex home care for adults. The care we deliver is guided by what you want and is truly person centred at every step of the way.

We feel honoured to be in a position to help you and your loved ones to remain in the sanctuary of your own home and live independent, fulfilling lives, just the way you want to. Wherever you live, you will be offered a choice of carers matched to your care needs and also to your interests. We work hard to find caregivers who are local to you so that they are already part of your community. Our minimum one-hour visits create the best environment for our carers to really get to know you and your loved ones and our goal is for you to feel like a member of the family is coming to visit.

Here at Visiting Angels, we put our Angel caregivers at the focus of everything we do, which, in turn, enables them to provide you with the best care possible. We have very high standards and employ unique individuals with our focus on character and values. They are trained to a high standard through our Angel Academy and are supported at every step of the way.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Visiting Angels Central Lancashire Team

Thousands of families have already chosen Visiting Angels and benefitted from:

* Highest standards of care and support giving independence
* Reliable regular visits from the same carer(s) that they chose
* Friendly support from a family of genuinely caring people
* Carers backed by a business that really cares about them
* A service which is quick to react and adaptable to change

Meet The Team


Managing Director

I was raised in a family that reached out to help others at every opportunity, whether it be family, or friend, or a stranger. I was taught to serve my local community, and this eventually led me into a career in the Police Force as a Police Constable in Preston. Through my role in immediate response, I came to see that people have needs at a unique and individual level. No two situations were the same and it was important to me that everyone was treated with dignity and respect, no matter their situation or background.

I now have an opportunity with Visiting Angels to deliver home care and support people over longer periods of time, to really make a difference. I want to see people accessing the right support available to regain, improve, and maintain the best quality of life possible. I feel privileged to be able to support families in caring for those that mean the most to them, enabling them to invest in more quality family time.

Having worked on the front line myself, I feel a duty to care for our caregivers, so they are supported in this incredible work they perform. I believe that angels are among us, and our caregivers are tangible proof. I want to see caregivers holding their heads’ up high in recognition of the invaluable work they do, and I would love to see society recognising this too.

I currently live in Chorley with my husband and three children, and we belong to a church community with a deep-rooted sense of caring for one another. I have a sense of humour and a can-do attitude, with the added bonus of a love of baking! With a passion for doing what is best and a life-long habit of serving in the community, I am eager to assist and support people in whatever way I can.


Registered Care Manager

I have over 30 years of care experience working with older adults in their own homes, younger people with autism and learning disabilities both in residential settings and within their own homes. I have a level 5 in leadership and management, and this has given me the skills to lead others in giving the highest level of care. Over the past few years, I have become a qualified trainer in health and social care, and I find great joy and fulfilment in passing on skills and knowledge to the next generation of excellent carers.

My passion has always been caring for others, ensuring they receive support that fits them. I love working with people in the community within their own homes and strongly believe that compassion, respect and dignity are the fundamentals in all the care we deliver. It is everyone’s desire to stay in their own home, where they feel comfortable and surrounded by memories. I feel it is my responsibility to enable this and to ensure that the care delivered is done to the highest standards.

I live in the Chorley area and have 2 older boys and a teenage daughter. We are very close and spend a lot of time together socializing, going for meals, early morning walks with our dog Malika and we always get together on a Sunday for a family meal at home. I also have two grandchildren and another two due to arrive this summer.



HR & Recruitment Lead

Most of my work experience has been in retail and shipping/logistics administration. After a long break due to having a family, it feels good to come back to what I know but in a completely different industry.

Whilst the care industry is new to me, care and compassion for others is something that is a part of me. I was raised to always have a person-centred focus, with a deep respect for others’ needs. I learned this from a young age as I witnessed my mum care for my grandparents. My grandmother suffered a stroke and brain haemorrhage when I was just 3 years old, leaving my family as her carers. I have such fond memories of Tesco shopping trips, helping to load and unload their top loading washing machines and tending to the garden with my grandad. There was always a custard cream with my name on it as a thank you!

I have also developed a love for helping others through the religious organisation to which I belong. There has always been a huge focus on caring for one another and helping those in need.

As a wife and mother of 3 children, life is always fast paced and a challenge. I have a passion for music and a creative flair which I often put into practice through nature photography and creating piano compositions. I enjoy sharing these talents with others, to brighten their day and put a smile on their face. I hope to continue to brighten the days of our clients and my fellow employees, whilst working at Visiting Angels.




When you first phone Visiting Angels Central Lancashire, you will likely speak to myself or Jacqui. I am employed as an Administrator and am based in the office. I have a very varied job, doing everything from general office admin, to recruitment, sales, marketing and graphic design. We have a great team and I get to work with my best mates!

It’s great to work in an environment which is so focused on looking after people. I have always tried my best to care for others; I learned by following my dad’s example. When I was a child, every Saturday morning my dad would take my sister and I to pick up a severely disabled lady from her nursing home and take her out for breakfast. This was the only time she got out. She wasn’t a relative, just someone that my dad had found out about through church. He looked after her as she had no-one else. I’m blessed to come from a big family, and I have some amazing friends, so I always have people there when I need them. Not everyone has that, so I try to help where I can.


“The service I have received so far has been excellent. The staff and management couldn’t do more if they tried. Professional, friendly, empathetic and hard-working. Having had poor experiences with other companies, these are a breath of fresh air. I feel at ease and comfortable with each member of staff I have met so far.”

“The care my father-in-law has received has been exceptional. He really enjoys the carers’ visits. They are caring and compassionate and have made a difficult time for him and the family a lot easier. The care agency itself is always helpful and flexible when we have needed.
Nothing is too much for them and they make the day-to-day life for him and his wife more enjoyable. We are so glad we found them.”

“Cannot recommend highly enough Visiting Angels, they are professional in their approach whilst maintaining a friendly feel to each and every visit. They genuinely care for our dad, prepping his meals, washing and tidying and providing company and chat whilst doing so. We have increased visits as it gives my sister and I a break and also the comfort to know others are looking out for him.
The staff have made observations and recommendations without prompt we are so grateful to them, always feels like we have extra support whenever needed.
Worth noting, Dad wasn’t keen at all having people in the house he doesn’t know, all it took was the initial meeting of introduction and now he sees them more as friends and looks forward to them coming!”

“Dad looks forward to seeing his carer every afternoon. They assist him with all the things he can’t quite manage now. They are hard working and reliable.
Dad didn’t want carers but now accepts the independence they give him to remain at home.”

“Urgent assistance which we needed was provided by Visiting Angels at very short notice. They immediately provided sufficient service to meet those urgent needs but then adjusted their own timetables to meet our overall requirements. Furthermore, Visiting Angels would amend the agreed timescale at our request to meet other commitments (eg enabling us to attend hospital appointments).
All staff, irrespective of seniority, provided a first-class service in a very professional and friendly manner and would go out of their way to help us whenever possible.
I would recommend this provider to anyone who needed this type of face-to-face service.”

“I have found Visiting Angels to be a company that ‘hears’ and more importantly listens to and responds to meet the client’s needs. My partner is treated professionally with respect and care for his needs. The carers provide kindness and empathy for clients and our main carer is exceptional in her support levels and the lengths she will go to to ensure his needs, and whenever possible she supports us both fully.”

“This company is, without doubt, the best we have ever had. They are very respectful of your home and needs and they can’t do enough for you. They are all fantastic at their job and are so polite and a lovely team and the office staff are first-class and understanding your requirements and helpful, all the way with advice and help.
The most important thing is that they care for their clients and make sure that all your needs are met with first-class attitude and real care.
If you are looking for a care company for your family then this care company is the one for you and I cannot recommend highly enough. You’ll get quality care and quality time.
Thank you to all staff and carers at Visiting Angels, you are brilliant and my wife and myself are so happy we have you as carers.”

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