Summer Activities For The Elderly


Summer is one of the seasons in London with lots of sunshine and blooming flowers. However, heat and dehydration can be a potential threat to the elderly’s health. With precaution, we can choose suitable and safe summer activities for the elderly. How to help the elderly enjoy the summer Stay hydrated: Remind seniors [...]

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Choosing Pet For The Elderly


Choosing Pet For The Elderly   Although it is common for seniors to feel lonely, it is possible to cheer them up with a pet companion. While human connection is important, having pets as friends and companions can bring great comfort to the aged. Learn more about how to help the elderly feel less [...]

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Social Activities For The Elderly In West London


Why Social Activities For The Elderly Are Important According to Age UK, researchers have warned about the risk of losing thinking skills as we get older. Researchers also show that the key to maintaining thinking skills is participating in social activities for the elderly to keep close relationships with family and friends. Even though [...]

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5 Festive Day Trip Ideas for Older People


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year with many festivities going on around the world from Christmas lights being switched on to Christmas markets! Fun can be had by the whole family at Christmas time, no matter how old you are! However, it’s important to consider that older people may be more limited in [...]

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