Dementia Home Care

What is dementia home care?

With a condition like Dementia, it is very important that the client gets a familiar face or the same carer in each visit. Having a high staff retention means that our care teams are consistent and continuous. Since our clients choose their own caregivers and the same care team visits you each time, you can be assured that even in the uncertainty, there will always be the comfort of a familiar face.

Find an Angel matched to your care needs

The way a daughter cares for her mum or a wife cares for her husband, with love, is a special thing. Whilst we can never replace a family bond, we do ensure that our carers approach care as if it is personal. Home care with us could mean a brand new start to building relationships, we want you to live well and independently at home with having the support of our compassionate caregivers.

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We know talking about care is not at easy conversation to have, especially for families. Our compassionate and caring team are there to make this conversation easier for you.

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