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Dementia Care At Home

Care at home for Dementia patients is difficult but possible

Dementia care at home can be a challenge for both patients and those who care for someone who has it. No day repeats itself, and the care required can vary dramatically from day to day. Additionally, caring for someone with Dementia requires specialist communication, behavioural skills and routine to ensure that identity is maintained and dignity is preserved.

With a condition like Dementia, the client should get a familiar face or the same carer to help them with daily tasks. High retention is necessary for consistent and continuous care. However, that doesn’t mean Dementia patients must leave home and relocate to a care home or respite centre to seek help.

Dementia live-in care or visiting care is an affordable alternative to residential care for those who need someone to be with them day and night. A professional, fully trained carer can reside with our clients in their own home, provide one-to-one service, and round-the-clock care to give our clients the best quality of life possible.

What are Dementia and Alzheimer’s?

Maintain a normal lifestyle and stay independent with Dementia care at home

With appropriate approach and support, Dementia patients can carry out their daily tasks to the best of their abilities and complete the tasks independently. The goal is to maintain a sense of autonomy and independence which increases the quality of life.

At Visiting Angels, we believe that everybody has the right to live their life to the fullest. Therefore, our mission is to help our clients with Dementia continue living their chosen lifestyle safely and for as long as possible.

Why choose Visiting Angels Dementia care at home?

Personalised and tailored care at home for Dementia

All Dementia patients are unique in their requirements for care. Therefore, each care plan is highly personalised and tailored to individual needs. At first, a free consultation will be held to discuss personal, and medical history, the client’s current condition, and their requirements for care. We will then collect input from client, their family, and healthcare professionals involved in the client’s care and treatment to create a personal care plan. Unrushed care is our standard of quality care.

Choose Your Own Caregiver

We make great efforts to pair our clients with their carers. Continuity and consistency are crucial for taking care of Dementia clients at home, which is why we focus on building companionship between caregiver and client. Our people-centred service will ensure that clients’ health and well-being are supported by a companion who suits their personality, cultural, religious beliefs, or hobbies. Visiting Angels is the first home care company in the UK to let our clients choose their own caregivers.

Support Applying for funding

Depending on personal circumstances and the local council, clients might be entitled to receive financial aid. We can support our clients in funding applications to claim their rightful allowance. Visiting Angels West London is proud to have successfully helped several clients apply for funding.

What Dementia Care at home includes

Our dedicated dementia care staff undergo specialist training in Dementia Awareness and Dementia Care to obtain the necessary knowledge and understanding of each stage of this condition. They can support with:

  • Personal care includes support with bathing/ showering and dressing to keep our clients looking their best
  • Assistance with continence needs whilst maintaining dignity
  • Assistance with medication
  • Assistance with ensuring that our clients have a balanced diet and plenty of fluids
  • Assistance with household chores or running errands
  • Respite care for family members, including live-in or night care
  • Assistance in participating in the local community through visits to libraries, places of worship, leisure centres or shopping
  • Maintenance of current skills and teaching of new communication techniques
  • Assistance with social and entertaining activities such as music, crafts, exercise, cooking, gardening, etc.

What we have done to support the Dementia community in West and Southwest London

Community Talks about Dementia care at home

With years of experience in Dementia care, Visiting Angels West London feels the responsibility to support and improve the life quality of the elderly community in West and Southwest London. Therefore, we aim at raising awareness about care at home for Dementia patients by holding free-entry talks and sharing.

In September 2022, we attracted over 30 attendants to join our talks to learn about practical applications to care for Dementia sufferers at home.

Dementia Talks - Dementia Care At Home

Dementia Talks – Dementia Care At Home

Monthly Memory Café in Hammersmith & Fulham

Collaborating with Age UK H&F, we open a free monthly Memory Cafés for those who are affected by Dementia.

Memory Cafe in Hammersmith and Fulham for dementia seniors

Memory Cafe in Hammersmith and Fulham for seniors with dementia

Free MP3s for Dementia patients

Norman Mc Namara, the founder of Purple Angel Global, believes in the power of music to comfort Dementia sufferers. It was a pleasure for us to cooperate with Norman to deliver free MP3s to our Dementia clients.

Giveaway MP3 for dementia patients

Giveaway MP3 for dementia patients