Did you find the older your parents or your grandparents get, the harder for you to connect and be with them? You understand that your elderly might feel lonely, but you cannot find ways to communicate with them without misunderstandings and being irritated. It is very common for people to get disconnected from their elders; however, there are solutions to befriend the seniors and ease their loneliness.

Loneliness among the elderly in the UK is alarming

Being alone can be harmful to the elderly, not only mentally but also physically. According to NHS, there are over 1 million people over the age of 75 who admitted to not being able to communicate with friends, family, or neighbours for months. The elderly in London is no less alone even though the city is crowded with people.

Heat map of the risk of loneliness among elderly in Ealing, London (Age UK)

Heat map of the risk of loneliness among elderly in Ealing, London (Age UK)

There are many reasons why the elderly become socially isolated, and you can improve this circumstance by yourself and with the help of others without letting your elderly in a care home.

How you can help the elderly feel less lonely

Spending time with them is the obvious answer, but the communication between you and the elderly can dramatically influence the outcome of the relationship.

Listen to the elderly

It is important to match the pace of conversation with your elderly. Listen to what they say then take time to reply. Please don’t rush or interrupt them because it might take more time for them to convey their ideas.

Speak clearly (not shouting)

Impairing hearing ability is unfortunately common among the elders in the UK. In the report of RNID (2014) more than 40% of people older than 50-year-old and around 70% of 70-year-old suffered from hearing loss. Making sure the elderly understand you is essential to create a meaningful conversation and bonding. You should avoid shouting as it presents an act of frustration and anger, which might offend your beloved ones.

Respect elder’s opinions

Everyone can have different perceptions about everything in life, especially those with a generation gap. You need to have patience and respect the elderly as independent individuals.

Put yourself in the elder’s shoes

According to NHS, the elders can behave differently when it comes to health issues, loneliness, or losing someone dear. Please be kind and understanding about their situation, it will help you bond with the elderly. 

Make them comfortable and stay close to them

The best remedy for the loneliness illness is being with family and friends. Staying at home can be more healing for those elderly who do not wish to leave their dear home to enter a care home. If the elderly require special care due to their old age, a local home care service is a great alternative. Here are some tips to find a perfect home care service for the elderly in West and South West London.

Seek help from other elderly care organizations

Under some circumstances, the efforts from family might not be enough to fill in the loneliness among the elderly, you can seek help from Age UK. They have different branches across the UK and are willing to provide useful services locally. For those who live in Richmond upon Thames, you can ask Age Uk Richmond upon Thames for help.

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