Welcome To Our New Induction Sessions

Did you know at Visiting Angels, we handpick all our carers and spend quality time with them to ensure our clients get the best carers possible.

Our Interactive Induction sessions allow us to create real relationships with our carers. Our carers are at the heart of all we do, we are the UK’s first care centric Domiciliary care company.

The Induction Day is a crucial part of our recruitment process, as it allows our carers to really get a feel for us and our company. The induction day allows them to see what a close-knit team we are and creates a sense of belonging and familiarity for everyone.

Our line manager Magda is on call 24/7 alongside other senior carers, so our carers feel supported and know there’s always someone they can call.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels serve to protect and guide, 

Much like the carers that visit you and I, 

I cannot express how different my life has become, 

Since me and my Angel have become one,

My every need and request, 

Has been treated with utmost respect, 

I cherish my visits,

I cherish the efforts 

I cherish the smile I see dedicated to me, 

My Angel completes me

They visit me so sweetly, and complete all the tasks,

They truly are my hands.

I wish them happiness and success as with their assistance….

I have found joy once again 

– Poem written by Kainaat Ovais