During the month of Dementia and Alzheimer’s in September, we participated in several events about Dementia care at home.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are not part of normal ageing. These diseases affect brain function and directly lead to memory loss, communication difficulty, or struggles in daily life. They require a long-term care plan and can be challenging for newly diagnosed patients and their families.

Visiting Angels West London understands the difficulties when families look after Dementia patients at home without guidance and advice from the experts. With years of experience in home care, we felt responsible for supporting the elderly community in West and Southwest London.

Two Community Talks – Dementia Care At Home

We cooperated with Friend of Charing Cross Hospital Charity in two community talks about Dementia care at home to guide family members through practical applications to improve the life quality of their beloved ones.

Community talks about Dementia Care at Home

Community talks about Dementia Care at Home

Over 30 attendees showed interest in this topic. And we hope that our presentation can prepare them better for the upcoming obstacles.

Free MP3s for Dementia Patients

Norman Mc Namara, the founder of Purple Angels Global, has sent free MP3s to Dementia patients for years. He strongly believes that music can comfort those whose memories are fading away.

Giveaway MP3 to dementia patients

Giveaway MP3 to dementia patients

We are glad to cooperate with Norman to deliver MP3s with 15 favourite songs chosen by the family members to send to our Dementia clients.

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Joining With Partners To Raise Awareness Of Dementia And Alzheimer’s Among The West And Southwest London Community

Visiting Angels West London aims to expand the network to maximize the benefits for our clients. We work with experts in health care, non-profit organizations, and charities that share the same vision as us.

Our partners’ networks are the perfect channel to spread the message about Dementia and Alzheimer’s among the community. Therefore, we asked our partners to display promotional materials like magnets, pins, informative posters, and leaflets to maximize information accessibility.

Dementia Efforts

Dementia Efforts

Finally, all the efforts were to raise awareness and improve the life quality of Dementia patients in West and Southwest London. We hope that our actions can contribute to the benefits of the elderly community, especially those suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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If taking care of a Dementia patient at home is too overwhelming, call us for free assessment and advice: 0203 143 8878;

Or send us an Email: westlondon@visiting-angels.co.uk