Christmas is a wonderful time of the year with many festivities going on around the world from Christmas lights being switched on to Christmas markets!

Fun can be had by the whole family at Christmas time, no matter how old you are! However, it’s important to consider that older people may be more limited in the activities they can partake in due to ailments that come with ageing. That being said, there are still plenty of festive activities and day trips that you can enjoy with older relatives. Read on to find out our top 5 Christmassy day trip ideas for the older generation.

1. Garden Center trip

I don’t know about you, but a trip to the garden centre during the lead up to Christmas is a must. All of the beautiful Christmas trees, decorations and scents of winter berries & spice certainly get you feeling festive! Garden centres are also great destinations for a spot of Christmas shopping! 


  • Keep in mind that your older relative will likely have less energy and stamina than you, so make sure you have a sit down between shopping. Many garden centres have a cafe area where you can grab a hot drink and some lunch.
  • Offer to carry your loved one’s shopping basket and bags for them

2. The Pantomime

Going to the pantomime is a lovely festive activity for the whole family to enjoy together. Plus, it’s inside in the warm! Whether the annual pantomime is Cinderella or Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs, everyone is bound to have fun and share some laughs!


  • Make sure you know where the toilets are
  • Book accessible seats if your older relative has a disability or struggles with their mobility.
  • Book the end row seats so that your loved one can easily get out to go to the loo during the pantomime if they need to.


3. Watching the Christmas lights go on

Most towns have an annual event where they switch the Christmas lights on. Providing your older relative is mobile and well enough, this is a lovely activity to do together as a family.


  • Make sure everyone is wrapped up warm and wearing appropriate clothing
  • If your older relatives struggle to stand for long durations of time, make sure they have a wheelchair, mobility scooter or seated wheeler so that they can enjoy the event in comfort.


4. Watch a Christmas movie at the Cinema

There’s nothing like watching Christmas movies in the run-up to Christmas. Book yourself and your older relative seats to watch a classic or new Christmas movie at your local cinema. Remember to get some popcorn for the full experience!


  • Book seats accessible seats on the lowest floor if they struggle with their mobility
  • Book seats at the end of a row so that your relative can easily get out should they need the loo during the film.
  • Check the length of the movie – some older people may struggle to remain alert or become uncomfortable being seated for so long with a longer movie.
  • Choose a movie that they are likely to enjoy – an old classic may be a good choice!

5. Wreath making

A lovely festive activity that doesn’t require mobility skills is wreath making! There are many wreath making classes dotted around that you can book onto where you can make your own wreath. This activity could also be a wonderful early Christmas present for your older loved one if you’re struggling with ideas!


  • If your relative has poor dexterity, they may require a helping hand with any fiddly bits. Make sure you’re offering to help if you notice they’re struggling with anything.

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