International Day of Older Persons


The world observes the International Day of Older Persons on 1st of October.  It is celebrated to raise awareness towards the issues that the elderly face on a day-to-day basis and to appreciate and acknowledge their role and contributions towards the society. The theme for this year is Digital equity for all ages which affirms [...]

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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month


Alzheimer's disease is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer- The doctor who found it. It is caused when proteins called PLAQUES and TANGLES start developing in the brain causing the cells to lose connection, ultimately leading to the death of nerve cells. Alzheimer's also causes the brain to lose important chemical messengers between the cells ; [...]

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Home Care from a Familiar Face


Quality home care starts with happy carers. Visiting Angels was created to address a very specific problem in the homecare sector. For many receiving home care there is little consistency or continuity of care. Founder Dan Archer says, “I could see that the problems come from high staff turnover. When I started Visiting Angels I [...]

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Medication errors cause problems for thousands.


Research conducted by the universities of York, Sheffield and Manchester has highlighted that a mistake is made 237million times a year in the administration or prescription of medication. The mistakes made in both the health and social care sector for the most part didn’t cause harm but in 28% of the mistakes moderate or severe [...]

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