Falls are a major cause of injuries in the elderly- One in four seniors experience a fall in their old age.

This causes hip dislocation, broken bones, head traumas and even fatal injuries.

The relief factor is that preventing falls is achievable and a few changes around the house can help the elderly lead a safe, healthy, and independent life.

Common reasons of fall include-

  • Home Hazards like slippery floors, stairs etc
  • Medication like sedatives
  • Bad vision due to cataract, glaucoma etc
  • Other medical conditions like arthritis, Parkinson’s etc.
  • Mobility issues and loss of balance & flexibility.

Here are some tips to prevent falls  from happening:

Fall proof your house

Install handrails in stairways and hallways on both sides and get slip proof flooring made of rubber, especially in bathrooms and kitchen where it tends to get wet and slippery. Make sure there is good and adequate lighting with easy to reach light switches. Keep areas neat and tidy and remove rugs and carpets or make sure they are firmly placed.  Mount grab bars in Bathtubs and next to the toilet for support. Get rid of electric cords lying around next to appliances to avoid tripping.

Wear Appropriate clothing

Avoid loose fitting clothes or clothes with hanging decorations or trails. Clothes with loose hemming can cause trips, keep the hems properly stitched. Wear shoes at home with ankle support and proper cushioning and grip or socks with grips on the sole.

Practise balance exercise

Doing regular exercise can increase your strength and improve the body’s balance. Simple to do exercises like wall push ups, toe lifts and calf stretches can help in improving overall strength.

Vision Checks

Regularly get your eyesight checked to keep a track of the vision and to be aware of any underlying eye conditions like cataract. Wear appropriate and relevant glasses/ lenses to help see better. This will help avoid trips and bumps. It will detect any vision problems early before they cause you to lose your balance and coordination.

Manage your medicines

Some medicines and drugs can make you feel sedated and effect your balance. If that happens, please inform your medical practitioner so they can review the dosage or provide alternatives.

Eat and drink well

Improve bone health and develop muscle strength by eating healthy. Food rich in vitamin D and calcium are vital to keep bones strong. Our muscles need protein to grow and stay healthy. Protein rich food like meat, eggs and lentils will equip the body with the required amount. Stay hydrated and try to drink six to eight glasses of water every day.

Find more about Falls and their prevention here. 


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Stay Safe!

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels