The world observes the International Day of Older Persons on 1st of October.  It is celebrated to raise awareness towards the issues that the elderly face on a day-to-day basis and to appreciate and acknowledge their role and contributions towards the society.

The theme for this year is Digital equity for all ages which affirms to enable the participation of elderly in the digital world.

Technology has advanced in multiple ways over the years however, most of the senior generation is offline. The internet can seem complicated to them, but there are ways in which we can make the elderly learn and understand technology and make them feel included in the digital world.

There are numerous benefits of going digital- especially after the pandemic, some benefits include:

  • Ordering groceries and prescription medicines from the comfort of home.
  • Managing banking and money
  • Paying bills
  • Staying in touch with family & friends
  • Entertainment
  • Monitoring of safety and health etc

Find out more about making the most out of internet Here.


This is how you can help the elderly be more technologically savvy.

1. Emphasize on the Benefits of technology and internet

Since a lot of seniors have led their entire life without the use of modern technology, they might not understand the need and benefits of it. Once you introduce them to it, emphasize and highlight the benefits to motivate them and to help them generate and interest.

2. Be Patient

It is crucial to be caring, understanding and patient with the elderly when it comes to teaching them new things. They have not seen or grown up with technology and this is new to them, it may take some time for them to grasp the process and understand how things work. Do not give up on them, keep them engaged, answer questions and help them do the task on their own so they can familiarize themselves, this way they can learn independently.

3. Use Simple Language

Avoid using internet and computer jargons and slangs as this will only complicate a n already difficult thing for them. Try using simpler words and translate your information into easily acceptable and understandable form.

4.Address security and safety on the internet

Like every coin has two sides, the internet has its pros and cons, and the elderly should be made aware of it.

Warn seniors not to connect to unknown people on social media or to send personal information over the internet as they could get scammed or cause a safety and security concern. Explain about not clicking on suspicious links or visiting fishy websites.

You could also download a password manager for them, so they don’t have to remember their passwords.

5. Put it to paper

It is easier for the elderly to go back and refer to the instructions for a certain task if you write it down. Use a notebook to put together a step-by-step guide.

6. Build up confidence

Motivate them and make them feel confident about technology. Try celebrating small victories and appreciating all the learning they are doing.

7. Make it easy to read

Identify if the elderly has visibility issues. Address them by increasing the brightness of the device, increasing the font size etc. Get a keyboard which has large keys with easy-to-read letters on it. Microsoft Windows 10 offers several accessibility options including a built-in screen-magnifier,  and the option to use speech recognition to control your computer.


As we celebrate the international day of Elderly Persons today, remember the objectives of the 2021 theme. Let’s appreciate and show gratitude to our seniors by doing our part. We can teach them how to go digital-for they once taught us how to walk.

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