My first love was Medicine. From the age of 10, I studied hard and pushed myself to get straight A grades and having secured these I happily packed my bags at 18 years of age and left home for the bright lights of The Queens medical Centre in Nottingham. Once there I realised that the rigors of A level studying were nothing compared to the unrelenting testing of skills and knowledge at medical school. However, I gained my degree and embarked upon my clinical training. After an embarrassing incident fainting in a long 8-hour surgery where my low blood pressure, gown, mask (when they were just used in surgical procedures rather than becoming a necessity in the Supermarket) and overhead lights collided to render me temporarily unconscious, I decided that the life as a hospital doctor was not going to be compatible with the large family I craved.

However, the love of Medicine and related fields led me to wanting to run a care at home business. Originally, I researched the opening of a residential care home, but it became apparent that this was not compatible with my desire to support people in their own homes. My sister had been born with severe cerebral palsy and our mum had companioned for years for her to gain a good education and to be able to live in her own home rather than in residential care.

The importance of having the familiarity of your own home around you, alongside the ability to be involved in pastimes in the local community are so vital to maintain goof physical and mental health. It was the respect and the awe that I feel for our older generation which has led to setting up Visiting Angels Northamptonshire, specialists in home care.

When the pandemic hit, I, like so many others, evaluated what was important in life. Family, friends, hobbies, independence, love, kindness, respect and fulfilment are at the top of most people’s lists. My sister was struggling to find good quality care from staff who stayed with her and got to know her. She loves the theatre, and it was important to find staff who would share experiences with her. It was during this period that my mind once again turned to a homecare business.

Visiting Angels has been a leading provider of exceptional quality care at home support for 20 years. Having been built on Christian values this was definitely the best fit for me and my views. Visiting Angels is expanding rapidly all over the UK and being part of a wider family of Visiting Angels branches allows us all to provide the support and expertise to one another to help all our branches to deliver outstanding care at home.

The Visiting Angels Northamptonshire have two overarching missions which are ‘To be the leading light in attending to the needs of home-based care workers enabling them to provide outstanding service to our clients’ and To enhance public perception of the home- based care industry through providing unprecedented care and support of every client and their wider families’. This mission statements shape everything that we do here at Visiting Angels Northamptonshire.

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