The Physical Effects of Stroke


If you have a loved one suffering from a stroke, you will notice that most of the side effects they are suffering from are physical. They may be experiencing muscle weakness and even paralysis. Our home care in Burnham, England, is here to talk about the common side effects that stroke patients encounter: Foot drop [...]

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How to Persuade Your Elderly Loved One to Accept Help


Yes, being a senior has its perks. There's more free time to spend on family, friends, leisurely activities, pets, and plenty of other things. On the other hand, one may notice detrimental changes, be it in one's body, abilities, strength, energy, or others. Because of this, one may need to enlist Home Care in Burnham, [...]

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Living Your Happiest Life During Retirement


Retirement is a chapter that many seniors look forward to. Finally, after all those years of hard work, they can settle down and enjoy the things that life has to offer! Although this is certainly a time for rest and leisure, there are a few things one must prepare to live a happy life during [...]

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How to Help Your Aging Loved Ones Adhere to Medication Schedule


Older adults take more prescription medication than any other demographic for their health. Being unable to take medication as scheduled can affect one’s overall wellbeing—especially if they are taking multiple medications every day. It’s a common mishap among older adults and one that can negatively affect their health and put them in jeopardy. Here at [...]

How to Help Your Aging Loved Ones Adhere to Medication Schedule2021-04-13T12:04:18+01:00

Healthy Aging: Essential Habits for Seniors


At the onset of aging, the body goes through various changes. The most common changes include graying hair and visible wrinkles, but aging is more than these physical vulnerabilities. Its major changes affect both our physical and mental well-being. Make aging stress-free and prevent your senior loved ones from feeling apprehensive as they age with [...]

Healthy Aging: Essential Habits for Seniors2021-01-28T09:41:37+00:00
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